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Teri Estes-Hightower's Bio

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Teri Estes-Hightower

Teri Estes-Hightower


An Experienced Attorney

Teri Estes-Hightower is a Texas Attorney with 20 years of legal experience. Having graduated in 1999, Teri has a Doctorate degree in Jurisprudence from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, which is currently Texas A&M University School of Law. Teri is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and is a member of the State Bar of Texas.

Teri's legal career started as a law clerk interning in Criminal District Court No. 2, Tarrant County, Texas. After turning down a prosecutor offer, she commenced a criminal defense practice and developed the Law Office of Teri Estes. Teri believed more justice was needed on the defense side of the aisle. She added a civil law practice that included family, divorce, and contracts litigation matters.

Her prior affiliations include the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. Teri gained political exposure running for Family (Civil) Court Judge of the 360th District Court, Tarrant County. She is admitted to practice in the Federal Court for the Northern District of Texas and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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